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The Groundswell Farm Business Incubator Program

Application materials for the 2015 Incubator Program are now available. Click HERE to apply today.

(Please note that the “Incubator Expectations” and “Incubator Farm Fees” documents are subject to change.  The official 2015 Expectations and Fees documents will be released by October 15th, 2014.

If you think you might be interested in participating in the program, we'd like to talk to you in person.  Please give us a call at 607-319-5095 or send us an email at info@groundswellcenter.org.

10-04-13 - BCS Workshop - Surik -reduced

About the Farm Business Incubator 

     The Groundswell Farm Business Incubator program is designed to provide support and resources to beginning producers who need affordable access to land.  Conveniently located at EcoVillage, just outside the City of Ithaca, NY, the Incubator offers a relatively low-risk entry avenue for new producers by providing land, production and marketing infrastructure, production support services (such as tractor tillage), and ongoing support from experienced farmer- and business- mentors through Groundswell’s New Farmer Training Programs. 

The Farm Business Incubator program offers enhanced support to new farm enterprises, allowing beginning producers to learn how to manage their production system, develop markets, and hone their business model.  By helping new entrepreneurs mitigate these risks in the early years of their enterprise, the Incubator will increase the success and viability of new farm enterprises.  

2014 Incubator Farmers

Meet Damon Brangman

Meet Surik Mehrabyan

Meet Ye Myint

2014 Incubator Oversight Team

The all-volunteer Incubator Oversight Team advises Groundswell on all aspects of the Incubator Program and Incubator Farm facilities, reviews and selects applicants, and guides the ongoing development of Incubator policies. 

Current Team Members:

Brian Caldwell, Department of Horticulture, Cornell --  Farmer Adviser

Leslie Ackerman, Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Business CENTS –  Financial/Business Management Adviser

Barb Neal, Green Legacy Tree Consultants –  Farmer/Arborist Adviser

Owen Raymond, Senior Loan Officer, Farm Credit East – Financing/Eneterprise Adviser 

Rafael Aponte, Just Food's Farm School NYC -- Cultural Competency/Education Adviser

Past Team Members:

Kat Loeck, Beginning grain farmer -- Farmer Adviser

Melissa Madden, The Good Life Farm – Farmer Adviser

Garrett Miller, The Good Life Farm –  Farmer Adviser

Jeff Gilmore, Board of Directors, EcoVillage at Ithaca –  Stewardship Adviser

Stephanie Greenwood, Board of Directors, EcoVillage at Ithaca - Stewardship Adviser

Contact Us

We love to hear from you.  If you have input to share about Groundswell’s Farm Enterprise Incubator, or think you might be interested in participating in the program, please get in touch soon.  Send us an email at info@groundswellcenter.org, or call 607-277-0180.